Get in on the Act: Innovative Solutions for the Environment Act 2021


A Real World Guide to Accurate, Effective and Innovative Monitoring of CSOs for the Environment Act (2021) without costing the Earth!  The long-awaited Environment Act (2021) has placed a duty of care on water companies to monitor upstream and downstream of over 18,000 CSOs. For the most-part, current monitoring solutions will not meet the hoped for aims of the Environment Act. It is clear that this step-change in legislation needs to be met by an equally realistic and innovative step change in monitoring solutions. As such, this is our opportunity to measure the parameters that really matter: total/faecal coliforms, e.coli, BOD, COD, TOC, Phosphorous in addition to the standard water quality parameters listed in the Act. Proteus provides this step change to measure impact from CSOs accurately, reliably and without having to visit drifting sensors every 4 weeks to undertake routine maintenance. This webinar explains why standard approaches to measuring turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, and ammonia will for the most part simply drown us in unusable data. The current Act would seemingly rely on a ‘super high accuracy ammonia probe’ to deliver its aims; yet such a probe does not exist! This webinar will explore how to achieve the right design, accurate readings, lower (but not zero) maintenance and to have total confidence in your data. After all, are we trying to solve pollution or just generate numbers? . . . Are we being controversial? Perhaps, but pollution will not be resolved by keeping everyone happy. This is our opportunity to make a real difference, a step change in monitoring for the benefit of us all. . . This is Proteus!



Rob Stevens

Managing Director

Hannah Gunter

Research Assistant

Dr Manish Kumar

KTP Associate
Canalside 403 x 265  (2)

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