Revolutionising Coastal Water Quality Monitoring: Real-Time Innovation Pilot at Sea

Exciting news from the coasts of Bornholm Island, Denmark! We are thrilled to share the
success of a groundbreaking pilot trial conducted by Sensemakers in collaboration with Proteus Instruments. Together, we harnessed cutting-edge technology to revolutionise bathing water quality monitoring for the local authority.

Background: Bornholm Island, with its pristine beaches, required an advanced real-time water quality monitoring system. Sensemakers, designed an innovative small autonomous vessel platform for Proteus Instruments' state-of-the-art water quality sensors to provide the local authority with unparalleled insights in real-time.

The Pilot Trial: Boats on a Mission: Sensemakers' set sail to navigate the Bornholm coastline. The nimble vessels covered extensive areas efficiently, collecting real-time data on key water quality parameters.

Proteus Instruments' Sensor Capabilities: The sensors onboard were designed by Proteus Instruments to measure crucial indicators such as pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and faecal contamination indicators like E. coli. This comprehensive dataset provided Sensemakers and the local authority with new insights into the health of bathing waters.

Real-time Data Transmission: Leveraging advanced communication technology, the boat transmitted real-time data to a centralised system accessible by Sensemakers and the local authority. This instantaneous information is imperative for quick decision-making and timely interventions to maintain water quality standards, protecting bathers and the environment.

Key Achievements: Precision Monitoring: Proteus Instruments' water quality sensors demonstrated exceptional accuracy, allowing for precise monitoring of fluctuations in water quality parameters.

Timely Alerts: The real-time data transmission enabled Sensemakers and the local authority to receive instant alerts, facilitating prompt responses to any potential water quality concerns.

Scalability: The success of this pilot positions the project for scalability. The use of small autonomous boats for water quality monitoring, coupled with Proteus Instruments' technology, can be extended to other regions, enhancing environmental stewardship.

Conclusion: This pilot trial, conducted in collaboration with Sensemakers and powered by Proteus Instruments, marked a significant leap forward in the realm of water quality monitoring. By combining autonomous technology with advanced sensors, we've not only addressed the immediate needs of Bornholm Island but also opened doors to a new era of efficient and scalable coastal water quality management.

sensemakers data
sensemakers data 2
sensemakers data 3


Next Steps: Advancing Pollution Source Characterisation

Building on the successful pilot, Sensemakers and Proteus Instruments are moving forward:

  1. Comprehensive Mapping: Extend monitoring to map pollution sources along the coast and Bornholm catchments.
  2. Fluorescence Characterisation: Introduce a new focus on characterising the fluorescence of different pollution types, including agricultural slurry, to enhance pollution identification.
  3. Continuous Sensor Innovation: Enhance sensor capabilities through development of local site calibrations for pathogens and nutrients.
  4. Real-Time Data Visualisation and Alerts: Combine water quality data with spatial analysis and public access for alerts and forecasting BW quality.
  5. Innovate. Collaborate. Protect. Onward to a cleaner, healthier environment!